Experience climbing in Cape Maleas on southeastern mainland Greece

Zobolo Climbing park


Zobolo & Hioni

On high-quality limestone with prominent features—small tufas, steep slabs, cracks, roofs, caves and walls. Equipping started in March 2009, with about 150 sport routes. Bolting is mostly very “encouraging”, while the majority of routes are between 5b–6c and many are suitable for training purposes.

There is no shortage of harder lines, either. There is vast potential for new sport routes up to five pitches in Zobolo, and plenty of rock in the wider area of Cavomaliás, like in Kotroni and Lykogremo. Equipping continues whenever possible, most recently in late 2016.

Grades across the spectrum:
Routes up to 5b+: 12
Routes 5c to 6a+: 54
Routes 6b to 7a: 43
Routes 7a+ to 7c: 18



Lykogremo & Kotroni

The two new sectors, Lykógremo and Kotróni, sit atop the rocky spine of the promontory. Views are beautiful and panoramic. The sectors face each other, so you can climb in the shade or sun all day by selecting the appropriate sector for the weather and time of day. Furthermore, the fact that the cliffs face in several different directions may offer some protected areas on days with strong winds, which are not infrequent. Both sectors are excellent for climbing in the summer, even on very hot days.
In total, 81 new routes were bolted and most routes are relatively densely bolted with gluein bolts using hilti epoxy resin. The lower-offs are clippable with two stainless steel carabiners. Route names are fixed at the base of each route on small discreet stainless steel plaquettes.

Grades across the spectrum:
Routes up to 5c+: 10
Routes 6a to 6b+: 24
Routes 6c to 7a+: 21
Routes 7b and up: 26