Getting to Kotroni

KOTRONI is conveniently located on a hilltop opposite Lykógremo, with afternoon shade and views that are, you guessed it, stunning.

Climbing: Even better cliffs here: Prominent features on slabs, walls, cracks, and small caves make for nicely varied climbing. To the right, there are several easier training routes on low-angle rock. In total there are 40 routes with grades ranging from 5b to 8b.

Shade: After 14:00. On the left side, after 15:00.

Conditions: Suitable for year-round climbing. Winter mornings: climb in the sun; warmer days: climb in the afternoon shade.

Exposure: E

Gear: A single 60m rope; 12 QDs (routes up to 20m); or 16 QDs (routes up to 25m)

Kids: Good. An easy, short, slightly uphill path.

Approach: (walking time: 6 minutes) Follow directions to the parking of Lykógremo. Drive 750m past it. Park at the end of the road, on a 180-degree turn with enough space. Follow the obvious cairns up the good path for about 5 minutes to the right side of the sector.

Kotróni – Left

Kotróni – Middle

Kotróni – Right