Experience climbing at Cape Maleas

Experience climbing in Cape Maleas on southeastern mainland Greece

Zobolo Climbing park

ZOBOLO is located on the southern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula near Cavo Maleas. A breathtaking location, Cavomaliás, as the cape is known locally, was infamous amongst ancient mariners for its unpredictable seawaters, and later on it became known for its enormous stone lighthouse. Still remote and impressive with blue expanding as far as the eye can see, it is an area of serene, unspoilt beauty. Zobolo and Cavo Maleas belong to a wider area called Vátika—the southernmost tip of mainland Europe, which protrudes sharply into the Myrtoan Sea.

This enchanting part of the Peloponnese holds small surprises for everyone: ancient temples for the archaeologists; old shipwrecks for the divers; monasteries and churches for the believers; an amazing fossilized palm forest for the nature lovers.

For hikers, a web of trails leads through landscapes that alternate like the pages of a good book. For cavers, underground caves can be found beneath almost every cliff formation. For most people, the tranquil blue waters and intimate coves of the Vátika coastline are enough to awaken the senses and sooth the soul. And lounging on the phenomenal sandy beaches of Elafonisos, a small island just across the water from Neapoli, is the ultimate way to spend your rest day.

Zobolo park image
A busy day at East Zobolo. photo: claude remy
A busy day at East Zobolo. photo: claude remy


From Athens you will have to drive 354km to Neapoli, the town closest to the cliffs. (The crags are then a further 15km away.) A significant portion of the drive is non-motorway, so allow a minimum of five hours from Athens.

From Athens, the route is as follows:

Korinthos > Tripoli > Sparti > Molai > Neapoli.

When you arrive at the beach of Neapoli, follow the signs to Agios Nikolaos (8km further). After 8km, you will come to the village of Agios Nikolaos and a fork in the road. Turn right and continue following the signs to Profitis Ilias. After 5.3km, turn off left following the sign to Agia Marina, Fossil Forest, Kavo Maleas Monastery, Climbing Park.

After 1.8km, turn left towards an obvious clearing. Park there.

In total, the crag/parking area is 6.2km from Agios Nikolaos.

Accommodation • Food • Shopping

For hotel accommodation, Neapoli (15km from the crag) offers a host of options. There are also rooms for rent in the hamlet of Profitis Ilias, closer to the cliffs.

For camping, there are several spots for camper vans or tents, but nothing organized.

For food, there is one option in Agios Nikolaos (Neraida restaurant, which is a culinary experience not to be missed), as well as two mini-markets and a bakery.

For more mainstream food and shopping options, Neapoli should have you covered.